Welcome to Information Tyrannosaur

I am happy to finally have a blog up. It has taken a lot of wrangling and learning, but I have now carved out my own niche on the interweb. I am still working on the layout and making a few adjustments so this my pilot post. Others may not come right away.

This blog is about transitions. Change is the norm, and the world is in a constant state of flux. Or to paraphrase Heraclitus, “You can never step in the same river twice.” There are a number of other clichés about change that I could fire off, but I’ll refrain. The library world too is changing. Into what? There is a surfeit of speculators and prognosticators out there, but this blog is not about predicting the future.  It is about making the future.

I am now transitioning from Library School into the professional world. It is my hope that my insights along the way will be useful.

Andy Burkhardt

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