A Change…in Weather

Since this blog is about change and transitioning I figured I would write about another change that took place recently. I am talking about the change from cold autumn to full on winter. This past weekend in Madison we got 6.2 inches of the white stuff and everything was a mess.

The cataloger at work told me about how he almost died on I-90. He was driving along when suddenly traffic was at a standstill (because of other people crashing). He applied the breaks but he almost wasn’t able to stop in time. Trudging through the snow to Lucky’s was horrendous and it took about twice as long as it normally would have. I went to the Badgers hockey game on Saturday night and it was pretty sparse as far as fan attendance (great game though). The worst though, was helping my roommate shovel out her car this morning after the snow had iced over and turned to stone. It probably took fifty minutes.

There are good things about the snow though. Not many good things but at least it made me remember some of the funnier things in life. I also really enjoy how it turns everyone into good Samaritans. I saw multiple people helping others get unstuck. It seems that people are more willing to help others when there is snow on the ground… or at least it is more visible. I don’t know if I would say “it’s the most wonderful time of the year,” but I enjoy the change.

Along with the change in weather I have been listening to Traffic and Weather, the latest Fountains of Wayne album, and just like the previous one, it really grows on you. It is, once again, an amazing disc, and I love FOW’s sound and creative songwriting. My favorite track is “Fire in the Canyon,” but “Strapped for Cash” is really growing on me.

Andy Burkhardt

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