In never ending quest for growth and self improvement I am always bookmarking various websites that I think will aid me. These are some interesting sites and are guaranteed to make you healthier, more productive, and a better person overall:

Power Napping – Ririan Project : This site legitimizes one of my favorite pastimes.nap

How to Slow Down Now – Zen Habits : Life is often at breakneck speed…try taking things a bit slower.

Tea ‘healthier’ drink than water – BBC : Of course the Brits would say that. Still I enjoy the stuff, and now I know it gives me superpowers.

Increase Manly Confidence – The Art of Manliness : This blog is a good one. Interesting posts from Teddy Roosevelt to shaving like a man.

How to Become an Early Riser – Steve Pavlina : This one I haven’t quite implemented yet. But once I do – productivity here I come!

Andy Burkhardt

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