Look Out Vermont

I have finally arrived in Vermont after driving over a thousand miles.  It was actually not too bad of a drive.  I stopped a couple of places (with WIFI of course) and never once ran into any traffic or inclement weather.  It was almost too good to be true.  The Adirondacks were beautiful, and I was able to take a ferry accross Lake Champlain.  It seemed that driving would be the best option.  It got my car, some stuff and me out there, but it also a fulcrum for my transition.  With every passing mile I kept thinking more about what my new job would entail and what I would make it into.  I left my library school life behind and ventured towards my professional career.

It was sad leaving things and places and people that I had grown to know and love for something completely different, but I realize that that is going to be the nature of my new job.  I will have to be constantly changing, doing things different ways, and abandoning old comfortable methods of doing things for something that will work better or make more sense.  This is the nature of library work as well as the nature of the world.  You do something some way for a while and start getting comfortable… then everything changes.  You have to do it differently.  A man works in a factory maufacturing SUV’s and suddenly people realize the model of getting cheap gas no longer works.  The job is gone.  The person now has to learn a new skill and reshape who he is.  Things do not stay the same way for long.  A key virtue for this day and age is flexibility.

Andy Burkhardt

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