Poster and Introductions

The Information Literacy Librarian suggested that we make READ posters from the ALA website and I immediately hopped on board.  In about twenty minutes after the e-mail was sent out I had already found my books, staged my picture and created the poster.  I think goofy things like this are fun.  But our director also suggested that maybe we could get the president of the college to make one and we could hang it up.  We also thought we could have a display of other librarians or students who would want to make posters.  These all seemed like great ideas and I hope they go somewhere.  I like how something as simple as a poster gets people thinking.

I also used the poster to introduce myself in the Champlain College Library blog, “Check it Out.”  It is a little difficult being the new kid on the block, but I have already met a number of faculty and staff members and they all have been very welcoming so far.  I look forward to the start of the semester when I will be meeting a lot more people.

Andy Burkhardt

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