The Great Outdoors

I went camping this weekend at Camel’s Hump, a mountainous state park about 25 minutes from Burlington.  I didn’t actually hike to the zenith of the mountain.  I am going to save that for another adventure, but it is definitely on my list.  Instead I decided to try out Primitive Camping.  It was a great experience going off the beaten track where there weren’t a grip of other annoying campers with their RV’s or kids or high tech doo dads.  Those things have their places and can be pretty fun, but I wanted a chance to get away from it all.

I was able to do just that.  In fact my Blackberry (iPhone’s are useless in VT due to no AT&T coverage) decided to quit working right as I started my trip, so I truly was out there all alone with my thoughts, a good book and nature.  I actually enjoyed being disconnected for a weekend, even though I was slightly pissed I missed Barack’s text about his VP choice.  Having times when you can completely unplug, even if it is just for a few hours is really important.  It helps you reflect on all the information that you consume and connect more with your inner life instead of the superficial (less important) go-go-go world that we often get caught up in.

I suppose I wasn’t completely alone out there though.  I did discover some bear tracks and heard some critter meander by my tent the second night.  It was a little scary.  Probably because it was the first time I have been camping by myself.  I have camped a lot in the past because of my involvement with the Boy Scouts (I was an Eagle Scout), but have not been able to do much at all after that.  I am glad that I had this opportunity to reconnect with nature and unplug.  I look forward to experiencing other Vermont outdoor adventures in the near future.  If any Vermonters have any suggestions I am all ears.

Andy Burkhardt

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