iTunes Genius and other Music apps

I tried Genius for the first time on the new iTunes 8 and it worked great.  It made me a great playlist that really fit the mood I was in.  Music really seems to be evolving in a great direction.  Services like Pandora and its musical genome project are cool for finding music similar to what you already enjoy.  I found Jonathan Coulton through the service and he was awesome.  I find it hard to believe I hadn’t heard of him for so long.

Another service I have been using a lot lately is LastFM.  This helped me find some really cool genres of music like Symphonic Power Metal.  This tag rocked my world.  It is a lot of Finnish and other European bands rocking out with themes about dungeons, fire, demons, and other crazy stuff.

I even actually found out about a band on Twitter following Kevin Rose.  The band is called Ratatat and they rock pretty hard.

I have never been a huge music buff, but I like that I am able to find a lot of new cool things without having to look like an idiot for not knowing who “Titanomachy” is (I made that up but it would be a kick ass band name).

Andy Burkhardt

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