Dream the Impossible

Honda has put out a series of short videos (videos are Flash) about “dreaming the impossible.” The videos cover some interesting topics including failure (which I’ve posted on), dreams, robots, and mobility.

“Technology is part of the evolution of the human race. It’s neither divine nor diabolical. It’s up to us how we use it.” -Deepak Chopra

This quote was about robots, but it could be just as applicable in libraries. Often people get hung up on technology. They think the newest thing will be a “game changer” or will revolutionize the way things are done. Or they vilify it as something ruining culture or as just another fad. Chopra points out that technology is not good or evil, but that we should be thoughtful in how it is used and applied.

I’d recommend watching a couple of these 7-8 minute videos. They’re inspirational and they bring up a number of fascinating ideas. The videos got me thinking about how libraries can start dreaming the impossible. Instead of making statements like “we don’t do it that way” or “that can’t be done,” we should be asking questions like “how can I make this vision a reality” and “why not?”

How can libraries dream the impossible?

Andy Burkhardt

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  1. Thinking thoughtfully about technology would be great let alone dreaming the impossible! At my workplace our librarians have just finished a course modified from the “23 things” intro to web 2 technologies. Their reactions have been somewhat disappointing. Their reaction to tools like twitter is pretty close to vilification. I agree with your comments elsewhere that to encourage experimenting with new tech, introduce them as tools to get your job done, but passion and creativeness are also needed to “dream” and think ways tools like twitter could be applied to library services. Our librarians see twitter as a big bunch of nothing, or at best vapid etherial comments that have no context, when I think it could be a powerful tool for communicating with their communities, and so far I've found it fun.

    As others have said you have a great, but I imagine sometimes, challenging job, or you would in my library!

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