Library Awesome!

library awesome!

David Lankes wrote an truly excellent post a few months back discussing the issue of some working librarians worrying that libraries are doomed, complaining, finding excuses, and saying “yeah, but…” when faced with change. He went on to talk about how librarians should somehow find ways to stop “worrying about their future, but instead go about creating it.” It was a really great post and touched on a lot of things I had been thinking about recently.

There can be a fair amount of negativity in librarianship. People worry about the future of libraries. I hear complaining about resistance to change.

These concerns are real and should be critically examined and addressed. There certainly are problems that we need to be solving and challenges that we are facing, but it is easy for all the positive, awesome stuff to get drowned out. It’s easy to get discouraged when all the messages that you are hearing are negative. But that’s not what I see, and I don’t want that to be what others always see.

I see and meet so many passionate, fun, engaged new librarians coming into the field. I hear about colleagues building libraries in Uganda. I read about library educators who are constantly coming up with creative ways to reach their students and teach them to think critically about information. I hear about libraries popping up as part of the communities at Occupy Wall Street and elsewhere. Awesomeness abounds in libraries and among librarians.

Consequently, I wanted there to be a fun way for people to regularly share and be aware of all the awesome that goes on in libraries. The things libraries and librarians do, and the things they allow their members to do are awesome. They promote literacy, inspire creativity, strengthen communities, educate citizens, and do meaningful good around the world. In that spirit, I set up a Tumblr called…

Library Awesome!

On it you can share videos, links, images, quotes, or stories of awesomeness related to libraries. They can be your own stories or ones that you come across and you feel need sharing. In a world where there can be a lot of negativity and un-awesomeness, hopefully this will be a place where you can share inspirations and be inspired by others.

Share your awesome today!


Andy Burkhardt


  1. Great idea Andy. I agree that it can help us all to remind ourselves of all the great things librarians accomplish, in the many small and big ways we make a difference for people everyday. I hope you get folks sharing their stories. I will try to add something when I have a good story to share. Good luck on this new endeavor. I’m sure Ben Franklin would have something good to say about it.

    Just curious. Is this also something you are thinking about for your own library? That is, a campaign to remind your community that the library is awesome?

  2. Thanks Steven. I like the idea of a campaign reminding folks that the library is awesome, especially if it would be both library and community driven. Students could post their own stories, videos, and images of why they love the library.

    Using a Tumblr is something I’ve been playing around with. I often see students posting and viewing them. Students in the writing center in the library have one that is fun, but also authentic: http://ccwritingcenter.tumblr.com/

  3. You are right libraries are awesome! Despite the crappy stuff that’s going on in the world today, having a part in strengthening, teaching, and inspiring others is awesome. And libraries play a part in doing this.

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