ILA Conference – Human-Centered Librarianship

I had the great pleasure of attending the Illinois Library Conference. I also got the opportunity to talk with Illinois librarians about the really cool stuff their doing whether it’s building a digital media lab or finding volunteer opportunities for teens.

I also got to present on the idea of Human-Centered Librarianship and the idea that we need to look at our work through the lens of people to be understood and served as opposed to problems to be solved or protecting our stuff. The presentation was really fun and there were some great empowering stories from the crowd about these ideas in action. I included the slides from the presentation below:

Andy Burkhardt


  1. Thanks for coming to the conference, Andy. Your presentation was packed! I had to watch from the hall…but was still able to pick up some great suggestions. Thanks for posting the slides.

  2. Thanks for inviting me Amanda. I’m glad that a lot of people were able to come. I uploaded the slides to the conference site as well. It was a really fun and well organized conference. The whole committee obviously had fun and did a great job planning. I was glad I could come.

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