This portfolio includes several examples of videos (live action and screencasts), online instruction, in person instruction, and presentations. For a more comprehensive list, presentations, and articles please refer to my most recent CV.

What’s an annotated bibliography?

A brief video describing how to create a successful annotated bibliography. Used as a supplement to an in person lesson, but also works as a standalone learning object (as evidenced by over 14,000 views on YouTube).

Scholarly vs. popular sources

A video designed to help students understand the differences between popular and scholarly articles.

Core 110 lesson plan

Burkhardt CV
This inquiry-based lesson is aimed at first year students. The lesson is designed to help students explore their own habits and preferences around information consumption and understand the wider information landscape. This lesson utilizes mobile phone polling, video, and in-depth discussion. I designed, taught, and refined this lesson (and numerous others) with a team of teaching librarians. For more information on our incremental, award-winning information literacy program, embedded in Champlain College’s Core Curriculum, please consult this page.

Ethical use of information online lesson walk-through

This video depicts a walk-through of an online lesson within the Canvas LMS. As part of a lesson design team, I created this inquiry-based module to have students explore the ethical use of information within different contexts (especially as it relates to their majors). This lesson utilizes text, video, polling, and discussion.

Creating stable URLs

The audience for this video are online faculty members in Champlain College’s Continuing Professional Studies division. Designed as one piece of a larger course within Canvas this video describes how to successfully create stable URLs for online library resources.

Using Twitter for marketing and outreach

These slides were part of an online workshop that I was invited by the American Library Association to create and present. As opposed to just presenting content, I made the online workshop interactive with a hashtag and regular questions to elicit audience participation. I presented specific “how-to” information as well as some of the philosophy and best practices behaind tweeting and social media.

New modern study space

I created this video, in addition to posters and social media posts, to promote a newly refurbished study space within the library. The video was edited using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Fun, thoughtful tech in the classroom

A presentation showing a few examples of some technologies used in the classroom, in particular mobile phone polling.