Technology Leaders on Campus

Poster Presentation:

We have implemented a number of technological tools to meet our needs at Champlain College Library (examples below), and we’re excited about them. Experimentation, play and having fun with technology is something that we enjoy.  Because of this, we are often asked by staff and faculty about the technologies we use, and not just our catalog or databases.

The IT department and our distance education division have asked about our IM reference tools. They both were curious and wanted to implement something similar so they could answer computer questions or better connect with their students.

Professors have come to us for help in setting up technologies like wikis or blogs to enhance their classes and continue the conversation outside of the classroom.  We have also collaborated on wiki course pages where both professors and librarians can add resources.

On campus, people see that the library is excited about emerging technologies and that we have successfully implemented them to meet our needs.  Consequently, they recognize us as technology leaders who can assist them not only in their research, but sometimes even in their technological needs.


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