Fun, Thoughtful Technology In The Classroom

My colleague Sarah and I presented again this week at a VLA conference on using technology in the classroom to engage students. It was a great conference and I love getting together with other librarians from around the state. People are doing such interesting things, and I always come back with ideas.

Our presentation was about using technology in the classroom, specifically videos from YouTube and mobile polling via PollEverywhere. We have a lot of fun integrating these technologies, but we also realize they can be overused or used haphazardly.

In our information literacy sessions, we teach using the inquiry method. In designing our sessions then, we use technology as a jumping off point that allows students to start asking questions and struggling with real world situations. Technology isn’t the point of our sessions. Instead we use it in a way that sparks discussion and engagement that goes past the tech and into the minds of our students. Here are the slides from our presentation:

Andy Burkhardt


  1. Thanks for sharing! I hadn’t heard of Poll Everywhere before. Did you use the un-paid version and was that enough for your needs? Or did you need to upgrade to one of the paid version?

  2. John, we used the free version for our pilot run of it and it worked fine for us. We did end up eventually upgrading to be able to have more responses for other things like conferences. Also it allowed us better and easier data collection on the polls. But especially starting out, the free version works great.

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