New Article In C&RL News!

Catherine Johnson, Carissa Tomlinson and I just got published in the most recent issue of C&RL News. Our article is called In the spirit of Benjamin Franklin: 13 virtues of the next-gen librarian. It is an adaptation from the presentation that we did at ACRL last spring. Here’s a brief excerpt:

“In terms of librarianship then, what are the qualities that academic librarians today should possess to be successful in their careers and in serving their users? In the spirit of Franklin, these are a proposed list of virtues of next-gen librarians. Franklin used his virtues to grow as an individual. These virtues can be used as a tool to guide our self improvement as librarians in the 21st century, though they aren’t limited to that purpose. They can also be used by administrators to determine the qualities that they want in new hires, or by job seekers determining the culture of an institution. They can be used in evaluating managers or directors. The uses are myriad, but ultimately they are qualities that we should all strive for as next-gen librarians.”

If you have thoughts about any of the virtues or ones that should be added or removed, I’d love to hear them.

Andy Burkhardt

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